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Ann K Brea

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is the designer and jeweler behind Ann K Organic Desgins.

Ann K Organic jewelry designs are a unique reflection of the earth’s purest offerings. Pumpkin seeds, flower petals, lentils, and grape seeds are a sampling of the items cast in silver and 18k gold then combined with precious and semi-precious stones. Each finished piece embodies the intricacies of nature from the colorful shapes and beauty of the garden to the strength and power of stone and metal.

Please browse through the different lines of jewelry I make and contact me if you do not see the exact combination you are looking for.

Ann is a member of the Society of North American Goldsmiths, SNAG.

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long chick pea necklace in silver made by Ann K Organic Designs

silver chick pea necklace worn long, available on Etsy

cherry pit link necklace made by Ann K Organic Designs

Close-up of custom-made cherry pit necklace.

custom link and blue topaz necklace made by Ann K Organic Designs

close up of links on blue topaz necklace